First published on 24 March 2020, Still Serving is a community driven initiative conceived as a response to the drastic trading conditions imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


We saw a heightened want in our own community of Darebin, Melbourne, to actively support local food and beverage businesses, and although the impact and challenges varied wildly from business to business, we knew there was an opportunity to help. Our objective was to provide a free, searchable directory (not just another list of businesses) where there was a conscious action from both parties (business and patron) to find each other during this extremely challenging period.


The response has been amazing. Partly we believe because the support local & order direct message resonates so strongly, and also due to a raised awareness of the dark financial shadow certain large multinational platforms cast over the industry. Our renewed objective is to drive a lasting change in not just peoples ordering habits, but how they interact, with the businesses that shape and support the communities they live in. 


Our ask... tell your local café, restaurant, grocer, deli, pub, craft brewery, etc. to Register their Businesses, and tell your family, friends and neighbours to become Subscribers and use Still Serving to find old, and new, favourites. It's good for your local businesses and it's good for the community you live in.